AICOM Solutions aims to be the leading BPO service provider by fostering excellence and quality attributed to our integrity and dedication to serve. We aim to be identified as the company that discover, develop, and promote exemplary individuals who are able to showcase their talents and passion for quality and service excellence before the global community.


AICOM seeks to capitalize on the growing Business Process Outsourcing industry by opening up knowledge-base opportunities to our workforce. We are committed to stimulate an efficient working environment by cultivating our employee skills, values, productivity and discipline. And translating these energies into a win-win synergy between AICOM and the clients we serve worldwide.


To deliver WORLD-CLASS QUALITY services that redounds to our clients' organizational flexibility, improved quality, and lower cost.


AICOM Solutions is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Services company cited for its “Leadership, Innovation and Outstanding Performance” (CMP Media global survey, 2005, 2006). Satisfied clients speak volumes about our capability, quality and depth. With customer base the likes of The World Bank, Campbell Soup, and other Fortune 1000 companies, we deliver quality performance in terms of skill, experience and results.

Our Global Knowledge Workforce aims to drive down cost, improve efficiency and maximize productivity. The convergence of skills, creative ideas, innovation, and passion for excellence bring to the table a comprehensive skill set, knowledge and expertise to align our services to meet and deliver our client’s business objectives.



AICOM’s approach to outsourcing revolves around the fundamental elements of People, Process and Technology. By clearly defining, improving, and sustaining success metrics at each stage of a project, AICOM is able to replicate, scale, and repeat excellent projects time and again.


Behind every successful organization are the people assets.  At AICOM, we carefully select, hire, and develop the best and brightest professionals.  We set shared goals and objectives that becomes the emotional driving force behind every motivated individual at AICOM. We empower our people with the disciplines of hard work and inculcate the values of customer dedication, innovation, and high quality standards that guarantee a lasting relationship with our clients.


Superior, repeatable, scaleable processes — AICOM subscribes to industry standards of ISO9000 and Six Sigma methodologies to manage and guide our quality standards. Coupled with our own creative ways to flex and innovate new processes, we unlock and empower people to drive into new heights.


Our technology accelerates our delivery — making day-to-day mundane work efficient.  It reduces processing time to deliver results soonest with less manual inputs and simpler processes – thus redounds to lower cost operations overhead.